Prison Transport Hijack

New Eden News | YC109-10-07

EURGRANA: Leaked documents from CONCORD have revealed massive security lapses that led to the capture and destruction of a prison transport ship.

The documents detail the transfer of a prisoner from a classified facility deep within the Geminate region to an intelligence review board meeting in the system of Aldik via a vessel disguised as a Minmatar industrial ship.

It is clear from the documents that the prisoner was someone CONCORD had recently captured and were hoping to gain valuable intelligence from, purportedly regarding a terrorist cell operating within empire space.

Whilst events on board the transport ship remain a mystery, not least because no crew survived, it is known that the transport made an unscheduled stop in Eurgrana where an unknown number of terrorists seized the vessel.

"Suddenly there were black robed figures carrying weapons rushing up a transport ship's ramp, you didn't need implants to realise the echo of weapons fire and the screaming meant something had gone wrong on board," remarked station dock worker Sal Vaslen.

CONCORD were aware of the breech almost immediately due to station and customs scanners and reacted by placing a bounty on the transport and passengers as well as sending its own ships to the vicinity to the station.

As soon as the transport undocked it was destroyed by a number of ships belonging to local pilots.

CONCORD swiftly removed several biomass items from the wreckage.

There has as yet been no official word from CONCORD representatives on this latest embarassing episode.