New Eden News | YC110-06-03

Luminaire – Stating that "all other options have failed", President Foiritan declared a state of martial law on Caldari Prime. The order sets an enforceable curfew on all Caldari expatriates, requiring them to stay in their homes within established "expatriate zones". Reports from the surface indicate that Federation municipal police have resorted to deadly force in "numerous" incidents already, with casualty numbers estimated to be "in the hundreds". Police are also actively blockading Caldari neighborhoods in the metropolis cities of Tovil and Arcurio, surrounding them with barriers and effectively isolating the entire Caldari population of the planet into segregated pockets.

"We have exhausted all other means of quelling the violence," President Foiritan stated. "Martial law is a last resort to protect those who want nothing to do with the bigotry plaguing our nations. But it appears there are some individuals who are determined to spread as much mayhem as possible, and I hold Tibus Heth directly responsible for inciting it. We have repeatedly stated that the Malkalen disaster was a rogue act. And though we may never know the reasons for Admiral Noir’s actions, what we do now will define how our nations move forward. I implore all of you on Caldari Prime, and indeed everywhere in both nations, to reconsider any acts of aggression. Our wounds will heal, but it is going to take time."