President Foiritan announces new Federal Intelligence Division

New Eden News | YC110-09-07

Villore - Earlier today Gallentean President Souro Foiritan announced the formation of a secretive new department within the FIO, empowered with oversight of the entire Federation. Officially titled the "Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security," the new branch will be led by Gallente Head Senator Mentas Blaque.

Currently in Villore to attend a series of high-level meetings with various political officials, the President delivered his brief announcement against a giant backdrop of the department's logo; a black eagle reminiscent of the national icon.

He described the new body as an "ever-watchful eye" that would be "entitled to take any means ensure integrity is maintained throughout every branch of Federation government." Although light on details, President Foiritan did state that finding rogue Admiral Anvent Eturrer was one of the branch's first directives, alongside a more general order to tighten up internal security and root out corruption.

Many were surprised by the formation of the new department, claiming it showed a change in the President's usually hands-off approach to matters of internal security. "It's normally something he would leave to the military commanders and FIO leadership," said security analyst Piel Bursch, "but when it is those same people you want to keep an eye on, things naturally have to change." Others were less surprised, pointing to recent public demands for a department similar to the one established today.

For his own part, the President distanced his announcement from the latest public outcries, stating that the formation of the Black Eagles, as they are quickly becoming known, had been a "long time coming". He added that recent public displays such as the Citizen's Summit only reinforced his commitment to the idea and served as "just one of many reasons" why his decision was both the right one and worthy of a popular mandate.