President Foiritan addresses the Federation

New Eden News | YC110-06-12

Luminaire - "My fellow citizens, I come to you today with sorrow in my eyes and anger in my heart. We were knocked down but now we stand tall. Shoulder to shoulder. One people, one voice. We have been wronged and we will have justice.

I come here today as one of you, as your leader and as your servant. You came to me demanding the good life, and by Luminaire we've had it good! We have reached for the stars and held them in our grasp - nothing is beyond us, and you see our reach in every station gleaming in the deeps and in every child's beaming smile.

And now we have been brought low by two nests of serpents. The first is the one you know - Heth, and his army of barbarians. The Caldari people are an unhappy people, never content with their lot, always grasping for more, always biting the hand that feeds them. They coveted what we had here, and tried to take it by force, not realizing in their greed that what we have is not something that can be bought and sold.

No, what we have comes from what we are. We are a great and mighty people, and we can achieve whatever we set our minds to. That is the secret of our success, and it is that quality which will bring forth the avatar of our justice. You came to me demanding the good life before, and I delivered it. Now you come to me demanding justice, and so help me, you shall have justice.

The Caldari think that because we are cultured we are weak; they think that by striking us as we sleep, that makes them mighty. They will soon discover their error to their great cost, for they have woken the sleeping giant of the Federation and soon they shall feel its wrath! Even now the vanguard of our loyalist capsuleers are delivering crushing defeats to the Caldari war machine, while the patriotic men and women of our own Navy steel themselves for the coming conflict. It won't come today and it won't come tomorrow, as we are a patient people, slow to anger and slow to forgive, but when our hammer falls, our enemies will truly know the fate they have secured for themselves.

But I spoke of two nests of serpents, and the second is the one you do not know. I speak of the serpents within, those twisted individuals who share in the fruits of our successes with one hand, and seek to bring about our downfall with the other.

There are traitors in our midst.

You ask how our mighty fleet could fail to halt the Caldari war machine? It is not down to the soldiers on the front lines. They did their job. It is not down to the technicians and specialists who support the fleet. They did their job. It is not down to the armories who supply the ships' weapons, or the countless other industries supporting our fleet. They did their job.

No, the enormity of this failure falls on the shoulders of one man. Grand Admiral Advent Eturrer, Master of the Fleet, Guardian of Luminaire, First Defender of the Federation, Traitor. Traitor. Foremost military officer in the Federation, afforded every luxury, extended every trust, and it wasn't enough. When he was finally called upon to do his duty, it wasn't enough, and he sold. Us. Out.

He has run to his bolt-hole like the rat he is, but we will find him. My word on this, we will find him, and we will see him atone for his crimes. But he is just the head of the serpent. He did not work alone in his conspiracy, and his is not the only conspiracy rotting within the Federation. Make no mistake, there are traitors in our midst. And we will find them. Every. Last. One.

By the emergency powers invested in me by the Senate, I am enacting laws to ensure that when the time is right, we are ready to strike back, against our enemies without and within, and that when we strike back, we strike back hard. We will leave no stone unturned, leave no opportunity untaken, leave no option unconsidered. The full force of the unbridled wrath of the Gallente Federation will be brought to bear on those who seek to harm us and our children, and when our avenging angel vists them they will know what it truly means to be mighty.

My fellow citizens, we will have justice."