Politicians Divided in Wake of Upwell Announcement

New Eden News | YC126-05-03


Politicians Divided in Wake of Upwell Announcement

Upwell commercials announcing the consortium's future plans have led to political unrest across New Eden. The commercials reveal a new, affordable cloning program. While many details remain unclear, it seems that consciousness transfer to the new clones will be offered in exchange for Upwell labor contracts.

The commercials bring to light the truth behind leaked communications between Upwell and the Amarr Empire, Caldari State, Gallente Federation, and Minmatar Republic. Reactions to the news have been varied, with divisions across different lines in all four governments.

Gallente Federation: President Aguard Welcomes Innovation

President Aguard was the first to respond, praising Upwell’s program at a Senate debate. Many present applauded as the President lauded Upwell’s “innovative use of technology to offer a brighter future to the people of New Eden.” She went on to describe how new cloning technologies could offer a way out for the Federation’s disenfranchised.

Labor Populist critics of the program have accused the President of attempting to head off a mounting unemployment crisis. According to the Labor Populists, Aguard’s Automated Industry for Democracy Act has resulted in lost jobs throughout the Federation. They now accuse her of embracing Upwell’s plans as a quick fix to the issue, without having considered the need for ethical safeguards.

Caldari State: Plan Condemned by Ocean Faction Meagecorps

Official communications were sent to workers of the Ishukone, Hyasyoda, and Wiyrkomi megacorporations two weeks ago calling Upwell’s new program “a betrayal of the Caldari principles.” Following the release of Upwell's recruitment commercials, they have reasserted their condemnation; “Upwell’s proposals do not honor the people they would recruit, but reduce them to mere cogs. Duty to your Caldari corporation, and loyalty to the State, remain the clearest paths to an honorable life. These principles are directly incompatible with Upwell colonization.”

These megacorporations, all members of the Ocean Faction alliance, have begun lobbying to ban Upwell’s new clone transfers ahead of a Chief Executive Board hearing next week.

No official statement has been forthcoming from the Board so far. In contrast to the Ocean faction’s rejection of the program, members of the Forest Faction (Lai Dai, CBD, and Nugoeihuvi) have been meeting with Upwell representatives to discuss details. It seems likely that it will be up to the Mountain Faction (Sukuuvestaa and Kaalakiota) to break the tie.

Minmatar Republic: Sanmatar Remains Neutral as Tribes Divided

A rare public assembly was held by the Tribal Council to debate Upwell’s program. Sebiestor Tribal Chief, Acassa Midular, implored the Republic to “embrace the opportunities this new technology offers”. This was met with outrage by Brutor Tribal Chief Wkumi Pol who declared, “We did not cast aside the yoke of Imperial oppression to voluntarily place a noose made of corporate greed around our necks”.

The Starkmanir Chief, Jeoran Setul, backed the Brutor, adding that the Upwell initiative was a threat to Matari identity. Vherokoir Chief, Isardsund Urbrald, rejected the Starkmanir’s claims, stating that “the spirit of Matar is inside us no matter what face we wear.”

Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor remained neutral throughout the proceedings. His failure to condemn the plan outright has been criticized by members of the Brutor and Starkmanir tribes, his traditional supporters.

After a long and heated debate, no conclusion was reached by the Tribal Council. A second session will take place behind closed doors in the coming days.

Amarr Empire: Concerned Houses Await Empress' Ruling

The most notable absence from the Upwell debate is the voice of Empress Catiz I, who has yet to make an announcement on the topic. According to official channels, the Empress is “considering all possible implications, both spiritual and fiscal.”

Meanwhile, the Amarr royal houses have largely positioned themselves in opposition to the new technology. Lord Arim Ardishapur has led the charge in an impassioned proclamation on the value of tradition, stating that “the faithful know that Grace is the only reward worth pursuing.” This statement has received support from the houses Kor-Azor, Sarum, and Kador. House Tash-Murkon remains silent on the issue.

Only the Khanid have come out in favor of the program. The Khanid Kingdom even hosted an official delegation of Upwell representatives at the royal palace on Khanid Prime. Sources inside the palace report that the nature of the cloning technology was discussed, and found to be amenable.

News in Brief

  • Capsuleer-led exploration of collapsed conduits underway according to SOCT.

  • EDENCOM teams are yet to report back from Abyssal explorations.

  • Paragon hosts artists' retreat in Ourapheh.

  • Gallente Primacy responsible for thwarted attack on Intaki metro service.

  • CONCORD issues condemnation of Ashes of Turnur as group grows in popularity beyond Republic borders.