Political instability keeps markets shaken

New Eden News | YC105-09-13

The uncertainty surrounding the disappearance of the Amarr Emperor has kept the markets all over the world of EVE in a straightjacket. Shares have tumbled and investors are holding back. CEOs of the largest Caldari corporations voiced their concern at a recent meeting of the Chief Executive Panel. Many Caldari corporations have invested heavily in the raw materials and heavy industry in the Amarr Empire and they fear that their money may be at risk in case of war or severe civil disorder. Many Caldari companies are already pulling out of Amarr space and will not return until the situation has stabilized. Amarr authorities have tried to put a brave face on this development, but inside information indicates that several regions will face grave economical hardship if this continues. Regions under the control of the Tash-Murkon family are considered especially vulnerable, as they have received the brunt of the investment.