Pod Pilots Respond to Ethnic Tensions

New Eden News | YC110-05-15

The ethnic violence throughout the Caldari State and Gallente Federation is a source of concern for many, and a source of satisfaction to some. Although Otro Gariushi's pleas for peace seem to have had some effect, some wonder how long it will last.

Anti-Gallente feelings have been building for many years. As Malcentis Tal asserted: “I am utterly appalled by this undermining of the Caldari State. This state has kept us safe from our enemies. This state has allowed us to prosper and raise families. This state fought for our freedom from Gallentean oppression. Now as true patriots fight again against insidious Gallentean fifth columnists we will see who stands up to be counted and who lays down before our enemies.” Malcentis’ feelings are echoed by a pod pilot named Thorradin; “We Caldari have changed, for the worse, since we began mingling so heavily with the Gallente and other races. Heth said of the Gallente what many already thought, and the Gallente responded by showing what kind of people they are.”

More moderate members of the community feel that both parties are to blame for the issues at hand. Talaris EveningStar believes that, “While The Gallente may have taught us, by proxy, the ideas of corruption on some level, they are not to blame. We have only one place to point our finger, and that is at ourselves. The corruption is Caldari people, abusing Caldari people. Disgracing and dishonoring the very ideals that we left the Federation to defend. This is our disease, and we must recover ourselves.”

While many pod pilots sit back and watch the events unfolding from afar, some have been touched more intimately and have decided to assist in whatever way they can. Silver Night told us about a crewman, “a drone maintenance officer who is ethnically Intaki although his family has lived in the State since the war. They are citizens and patriotic supporters of the Caldari way of life. His father - who owns a small shop - was recently assaulted and hospitalized by a gang of thugs. This kind of senseless violence and hate has to stop.” Silver tells us that his crew has collected over 600 thousand isk for donation to the relief efforts on Caldari Prime.

Dex Nederland is also rendering assistance; “The Heiian Society continues to bring relief aid to the Caldari on Caldari Prime from all across the cluster and contributed by people from all walks of life. This includes daily runs on my part and others to the Federation Station above Caldari Prime.”

Thebro Nobrunder has also offered aid, but in a different form: “I have personally put out word that any Gallente in Caldari space whom are afraid and wish escape can contact me. I will transport as many as possible to neutral systems.”

While relief efforts are under way, military organizations such as The Fourth District are in a heightened state of awareness. As Captain Svetlana Scarlet tells us: “At the moment, thanks to the efforts of the brave men and women of the corporate security forces, this unrest appears to be coming to an end. There appears to be no need for the Fourth District to step in, and of course we would not do so unless the CEP or another official entity asked us to. However, we are maintaining a state of readiness should we be called upon... Caldari Prime is sovereign Federation territory according to the Iyen-Oursta treaty and therefore it is an internal Federation issue. While we urge the Federation to deal with this problem swiftly and with as little loss of life as possible, and of course condemn any discrimination against Caldari expatriates on the planet, we will not be getting involved in the matter unless requested to by State authorities.”

The deteriorating political situation is likely to hamper relief efforts, but all organizations currently providing aid are asked to continue to do so.