Planned Protest Fails in Wake of Malkalen Disaster

New Eden News | YC110-05-17

Gallente Prime – In the wake of the recent tragedy that fell on the Ishukone station in Malkalen, pod pilots throughout New Eden have been voicing their opinions of the disaster. Many have been hoping for a peaceful resolution to the current crisis, but there are pod pilots calling this attack callous opportunism and have vowed to strike back.

Days before the atrocity in Malkalen, Mernor Akat had been the organiser of a protest to be held in orbit around Gallente Prime in support of the anti-violence movement. The event unfortunately “never materialised” according to Mernor, with the reason being put down to pilots being in a state of shock over the disaster.

While considering the situation that has unfolded, he still believes that the protest would have been worthwhile had pilots shown up. He did express some concern that the heightened tensions may have lead to trouble: “it probably would have lead to a verbal fight between the Gallente and Caldari”.

Mernor himself hopes that peace will dominate, and is not happy with the inflammatory rhetoric he has heard from some Caldari pilots even before the Federation has made any official statements. When asked about the potential for war, he commented: “War never helps anyone and seeing as I’m a miner rather than a combat pilot it won't benefit me much. If the Caldari really want a war than I’d do what had to be done, not saying I’d like it though.”

Despite the animosity from some quarters, others that wish to maintain calm in these troubling times are not being dissuaded. A Gallentean pod pilot by the name of Theo Samaritan, who participated in the relief effort, has written a statement asking for calm on GalNet:

“We as the Elite have banded together despite our racial and cultural difference to help those who need it. Gallente, Caldari, Minmatar and the Amarr working together. So please, do not descend into war. Do not allow today to cause a conflict that could well last more than a decade.”

A Caldari pilot with a less accommodating view is Kosh Ohura: “We today mourn for our lost friends, our children, and our parents. This is a day of grief for us, but soon will come the days of revenge. Beware my friend, for grief will soon be upon you."