Paragon Hub Announced Following SCC Ruling

New Eden News | YC126-05-21

IRIS SKINR Presentation

Paragon Hub Announced Following SCC Ruling

The SCC has ruled that the NES’s commissary contract is an antitrust violation. The exclusivity clause of their contract with the SOCT will be revoked effective immediately. The ruling follows an extensive legal campaign by EverMore, whose subsidiary Paragon has rushed to secure its own non-exclusive commissary contract. IRIS, Paragon’s cybernetic liaison, has announced that they will be using the contract to launch a new store; the Paragon Hub.

“The Paragon Hub is New Eden’s first ever PLEX exchange to allow capsuleers to trade directly with one another,” IRIS told members of the press at Paragon’s station in Ouraphe. “The Hub is just one feature in a suite of SKINR innovations that put the power squarely where it belongs; in your hands.”

The Paragon Hub will be launched as a part of an updated SKINR (Super-Kerr Induced Nanocoating Resequencer) platform next month. Unlike its predecessor, which allowed capsuleers to design nanocoating finishes for Upwell structures, the new SKINR will focus on ship SKINs. It will include a wide array of improvements including the ability to sequence designs into tradeable SKIN licenses.

The New Eden Store has issued an official statement confirming that it is appealing the SCC’s decision. Given the complexity of the issue, legal experts have advised the Scope that this appeal has little chance of success and is likely to take years. Individual members of the board have declined to comment, including the previously vocal Ganortchar Asabona who is unable to comment due to an ongoing legal battle with EverMore President Alexander Ducasse.

News in Brief

  • Reports of normalizing energy signatures in the Abyss as capsuleers keep a lid on Drifter-Triglavian conflict.

  • Tribal council still in session over Upwell controversy.

  • Ashes of Turnur declared a global terrorist threat by CONCORD following attack on Caldari State facilities.