Ore/Mordus relations in trouble?

New Eden News | YC107-06-05

Although mere conjecture until recent hours, numerous credible yet confidential sources have confirmed that diplomatic ties between the ORE and the Mordus Legion have deteriorated to a breaking point.

The relationship between the two powers over recent months has proven to be strained with a commonly held view that the source of the friction has arisen from disputes between the two faction leaders. Both Orion Mashel, founder of the Outer Ring Excavations Company, and Muryia Mordu, the leader of Mordu's Legion Mercenary Corporation, have had a history of public personal conflict, a factor that may prove to be the source of the recent sudden drop in mutual co-operation.

The source of the hostilities remains a mystery with no official comment regarding either groups standing to the other, but it is believed to be due to feelings within the Legion regarding apparent stagnation at the hands of continued service to ORE.

Already reports have been issued by members of the pod pilot community regarding the amassing of Mordus Legion in critical ORE locations upon the Eastern flank of ORE systems. Although not outwardly aggressive the movement of Mordus Legion personnel and assets to central locations has sparked a deep-rooted concern within the local populace.

We shall bring you more information as the situation develops.