Orbital Triage Centers Established, Rescue Operations Underway

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

SEYLLIN - Freighters converted into medical wards have established orbits over the night side of Seyllin I and are accepting injured survivors. The overwhelming number of cases are severe burns and trauma caused by secondary splash-effect damage from local structures after the original event. As promised by President Foiritan, dropships have been returning full loads of people onto these floating hospitals nonstop, pausing only to take on fuel and returning immediately to the surface.

The lack of atmosphere limits the number of landing sites to recover passengers, thus restricting the rate of retrieval. Engineers have reported that there are a total of 37 spaceports between the cities of Southern Cross and Valimor, each with up to 20 hex-pads to accommodate vertical landings. Each pad is equipped with pressurized boarding gantries in case the spaceport's protective shield dome is retracted, which seems likely to be the case in this situation. In stripped configurations, the largest dropships can accommodate up to 500 passengers.

Southern Cross and Valimor have populations of 80 million and 110 million, respectively.