Opinions on Transcranial Microcontrollers sharply divided in Empire

New Eden News | YC111-07-17

The reignited debate over Transcranial Microcontrollers has proven to be a divisive one in the Empire, with camps divided over the chip's acceptability as a slave control tool. Many oppose them completely, while many others believe they are the way of the future. Middle ground is difficult to find, with only a few moderate voices chiming in.

One of the most vocal critics was Lord Tarpur of Dakba. "The issue may seem minor, but it is endemic of the way more and more people are thinking. Slaves are merely assets to them, to be controlled without regard to their spiritual wellbeing. Growth, expansion, profit, and power are paramount to them; everything else, even God and faith, is subservient."

Lord Tarpur's thoughts are shared by many, particularly in the Ammatar Mandate and the Kador region. Dissenting voices, such as those of Lady Tanash of Esa, are primarily clustered in the Tash-Murkon region and around Sarum Family holdings. "Those opposed to the Microcontrollers are simply those opposed to change. They view the Empire as this grand rock that can never be altered or changed. But what they fail to realize is that without adapting, the rock will gradually be worn away by the river of time. We should be embracing all things that strengthen our Empire, for a strong Empire is God's will."

The most neutral voices came from the Khanid Kingdom, where Transcranial Microcontrollers first entered the public spotlight. "It is a silly question," said Lord Gothin, one of the many to have used the devices. "Use them or not? They are a tool, nothing else. It is not the tool which is evil or good, it is the one who wields it. A Holder should determine what is best for his own slaves. No one else. That is how we treat it here in the Kingdom. A Holder is responsible for the affairs of his own house and none other's. God shall grant providence to those who are proper and failure to those who aren't."