Okalala Visits Landfall Shrine, Speaks On Ishukone Problems

New Eden News | YC111-04-15

New Caldari - Minedrill CEO Soisonen Okalala made a surprise visit to the Landfall Shrine on New Caldari Prime today, where he laid a wreath at the Evacuation Memorial and spoke with the shrine's chief steward and many of the Shrine's Marine honor guard. Notable to many was the fact that Okalala traveled without an Ishukone Watch detail, instead accompanied by bodyguards wearing emblems of the Caldari Providence Directorate.

After his visit to the Shrine, Okalala held a short press conference, where reporters bombarded him with questions about Ishukone's overall health. He made it clear that he remains upbeat about his parent corporation, calling their recent stock problems a "temporary decline" and claiming a rebound could be expected soon.

"The board has made it clear to me and the other subsidiary CEOs that a decision will come within the next two weeks," he announced, going on to say that "Ishukone's core businesses -- like the mining and manufacturing that Minedrill does -- are as strong as ever."

The surprise announcement buoyed Ishukone's stock, which rebounded slightly after his remarks. However, Ishukone's press office has refused to confirm or deny the timetable for a CEO decision.