Nowhere to run: Remaining slaves reclaimed or executed by redoubled Amarrian Forces

New Eden News | YC110-06-11

Sarum Prime - With the Elder forces retreating fast from Amarrian territories, those slaves still fighting or stranded on Amarrian worlds and stations are offering little resistance to the rallied Imperial Forces.

As civilian news networks have returned to full capacity, reports have been coming in of concentrated rebel slave populations planet-side being eliminated by orbital bombardments, with atmospheric fighters conducting strafing runs against fleeing groups seeking to escape the destruction.

Imperial ground forces and Station guard elements have been carrying out systematic clearance drills to pacify stricken areas of slave resistance, with initial reports suggesting successful reapplication of Vitoc is resulting in tens of thousands of slaves being successfully recaptured.

The loss of life remains appalling in the face of the zealous Amarrian counteraction, and only time will tell the number of those lost as the reclamation of Imperial Property reaches new heights in the aftermath of the Invasion. While most major clusters of slaves have been dealt with, scattered groups are still at large and seem likely to prove a thorn in the Empire's side for some time to come.