New Technology Partnership in Minmatar Engineering Sector

New Eden News | YC110-10-09

Pator, Heimatar - The All Tribes Engineering Consortium (ATEC), a group of engineering firms based in the Minmatar Republic, has revealed a new business technology partnership with the Republic University aimed at upgrading toolmaking and heavy manufacturing plants. Using its extensive contacts within the Gallente Federation, the University has acquired licensing rights for a number of technologies, and is able to provide templates and facilitate importation of advanced machinery at preferential rates. It is understood that accords have been reached between the relevant patent authorities in the Federation and the Republic to enable this unusually open technology-sharing arrangement.

ATEC Chairman Isak Garfyr told us, "This new partnership is primarily between the Republic University and, through ATEC, home corporations such as Ashok Construction and Plant, KOSTORG and SebSystems. We are focused on engineering and the provision of tools and manufacturing plants for the rest of the industrial base. Owing to the good offices of our brothers and sisters in the Federation, not to mention the Gallente themselves, we have been able to achieve import and distribution rights for a number of technologies and advances on existing technologies within the Republic."

Chairman Garfyr further indicated that ATEC hoped the venture would serve as a model for other industrial sectors. As part of the initiative, the University is arranging for residencies in the Republic on behalf of Minmatar in the Federation able to provide expertise and training in these new technologies.