New region connected to stargate networks by Caldari State

New Eden News | YC110-06-11

Onnamon - In yet another twist in the recent events, multiple reports are coming in of new stargates appearing in systems on the fringes of Caldari and Gallente space. It would appear that the volume of space known as Black Rise - previously thought to be completely impenetrable - has been secretly colonized by Caldari forces.

Initial reports from capsuleers indicate that the new region contains a wealth of virgin systems, full of resources unexploited thus far by the four empires. Additionally, early cartography has revealed that the region opens an additional border between Caldari and Gallente sovereign space, something officials on both sides are scrambling to prepare for as they readjust strategies. Even as they do so, pod pilots both loyalist and independent are rushing into the area to stake a claim of their own.

It remains unclear exactly how the phenonema shrouding this area were penetrated, or indeed how the Caldari State has managed to colonize the area in complete secrecy. State officials have so far remained tight-lipped on any details, providing no explanations. After such startling events in recent times however, and with officials from all three Empires as well as CONCORD pushing for answers on the matter, it is something they will likely have to address in the nearby future.