New Breed Of Rose Named In Honour Of The Empress

New Eden News | YC110-09-25

Amarr - Elseth Jarim, a minor Holder within House Sarum, yesterday announced the development of a new breed of flower that she is calling Jamyl's Rose.

The breed is reportedly a mix of several similar species indigenous to various worlds across the Empire. Holder Jarim has been quoted as saying "the development of Jamyl's Rose is meant to reflect the effect the Empress has had on the Empire since her miraculous return ... uniting the disparate parts of Amarr into one glorious, unified form."

Images of Jamyl's Rose have not yet been released. Holder Jarim intends to produce enough plants to decorate the entire venue of the Empress's coronation ceremony with the new breed, and will be keeping the look of the flower under wraps until that time.