New Ammatar Fleet Security Taskforce Begins Patrol of Republic Border

New Eden News | YC111-10-18

Sasta, Derelik - The Ammatar Fleet has announced that the newly formed 5th Derelik Border Security Task Force is to begin a 6-month tour of duty patrolling the Ammatar Mandate border with the Minmatar Republic this week. Comprised of a core of three 'Yonis variant' Abaddon-class battleships and numerous Apocalypse- and Armageddon-class battleships, the task force is charged with "maintaining the integrity of the borders of the Amarr Empire and destroying all threats to the security of the Ammatar Mandate."

In other developments, it has emerged that several penal regiments are currently being raised within the Ammatar Mandate. Sources within the Ammatar Consulate indicate that dishonored men and officers of the Ammatar Fleet and Ammatar planetary defense forces are being offered the choice of service in penal regiments as an alternative to permanent slavery as punishment for their failings during the Elder Invasion.

It is also reported that failed defectors and the families of defectors who have come under suspicion are also being offered the chance to serve in penal units rather than being convicted of collusion with defectors and entering formal slavery. The appeal of these offers lies in the fact that formal enslavement would in most cases lead to the dependents and descendants of the enslaved joining them in slavery. Ardishapur authorities have declared their "hope that the mercy of Lord Ardishapur will lead to the redemption of these lost souls."