Nations reel as assassination’s backlash spreads

New Eden News | YC107-07-05

Chaos is spreading around EVE as the consequence of Doriam’s II assassination. The Amarr Emperor was slain last night in the Imperial Palace in Dam Torsad by an unknown assailant. The Imperial Chancellery is heading the investigation, with aid from the Ministry of Internal Order. Amarr police has rounded up a few suspects, believed to be foreigners, and is currently questioning them at an unknown location.

At the daily morning meeting of the Chief Executive Panel, the leaders of the Caldari State were unanimous in condemning this ‘appalling atrocity and attack on the political harmony of the world.’ They also appreciated the need for the harsh response of the Empire in shutting down several border zones and stated they would do the same to keep radicals from exploiting the situation to their advantage.

The Privy Council also held a session this morning, but what transpired there is still a mystery. Sin Callor of the Ministry of Internal Order and a member of the Council let is slip though that ‘Doriam’s death will drive many shadowy elements to the surface.’ We hope future events will cast light on those elusive words.