Mysterious Triglavian GalNet Worm Unlocks Abyssal Filament Configuration for Frigates

New Eden News | YC120-11-13 - By Ret Gloriaxx

Yulai, Genesis - An active information worm attributed to the Triglavian Collective has been deployed to the GalNet fluid router system, reports the Secure Commerce Commission. The purpose of the worm appears to be to interact with Triglavian filament technology, reconfiguring it to permit support of frigate-sized ships.

The self-replicating and -propagating information worm has spread itself across the fluid router network at "extraordinary speed" according to sources in the SCC. "We're unable to stop it and it's distributed itself across thousands of light-years of router connections. I don't think there's ever been a worm with that long a tail," said one information warfare officer.

While the worm has spread rapidly and widely, information security specialists have been analyzing examples of its cellular code and payload in secured, unentangled and air-gapped "black box" computing environments. SCC analysts believe it poses little to no threat to normal operations of the GalNet system, SCC market network, or other computer and information networks.

Triglavian Damavik -class ships in Abyssal Deadspace

The purpose of the Triglavian Collective in apparently unlocking the capability for small groups of frigates to enter Abyssal Deadspace remains obscure. The Collective continues to fight a war with the Drifters in its domains, by all accounts, and some have speculated that it seeks allies in this struggle. Others theorize that Triglavian culture involves extensive use of ritual, including forms of gladiatorial combat that serve an important purpose in a posited "dominance hierarchy".

Another theory is that the Triglavians are deliberately luring ships from New Eden into the Abyssal realm so as to sample our technology, gain intelligence or even harvest biomass. Whatever the case may be, Abyssal Deadspace is opening to groups of up to three frigates and collaborative exploration of the depths of this mysterious realm will be possible.

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