Moratorium lifted – Jovian buy-back proceedings initiated

New Eden News | YC106-05-26

The SCC today announced that last week’s moratorium on the sale of Jovian body parts on the SCC markets has been lifted. The empires have placed buy orders on the markets through trade commissioners, who will be overseeing the re-purchase of the body parts.

For the Amarr, Commissioner Cedus Marakez , stationed in the Theology Council Tribunal at Moon 2 of Amarr VI, in the Amarr system.

For the Caldari, Commissioner Liriko Ashaten , stationed in the Chief Executive Panel Bureau at Moon 1 of New Caldari IV, in the New Caldari system.

For the Gallente, Commissioner Gushe Aryat , stationed in the Federation Customs Testing Facilities at Moon 1 of Luminaire VII, in the Luminaire system.

For the Minmatar, Commissioner Yonel Saktar , stationed in the Republic Security Services Assembly Plant at Moon 2 of Pator III, in the Pator system.

The Commissioners’ buy orders will stand until exactly two weeks from today, at which point the collected parts will be gathered and presented to the Jovians.