Mixed Reactions to the CPD Reform Plan

New Eden News | YC111-04-22

Nonni - The Chief Executive Panel has been embroiled in debate over the Caldari Providence Directorate's proposed military reforms for the last few days. While most of the patriot bloc delegations have backed the proposal, it is coming up against stiff resistance from the other members of the Panel.

Lai Dai was quick to back the proposal. According to the corporation's statement, "the reform - especially the proposed fleet expansion - will lift some strain off our forces, improve combat readiness and ultimately increase the security of our State. Handing some military decisions over to the Navy's staff is definitely a small price to pay for it."

There were no official comments from the other members of the CEP, but sources indicate that at least members of the Practical faction will object to the proposal. A high-ranking employee of Nugoeihuvi Corporation said: "It is an unexpected and unnecessary move. While some steps of the reform possibly make sense, I cannot see us supporting this proposal as it stands."

However, according to Okkala Sahola, a retired Navy officer now with the Mercantile Club, now is the best time to push for such reforms. "The military has a great deal of popularity right now, with the relative success of the Caldari Prime invasion and recent military victories in Black Rise. If there was ever a time when the corporations might give in on this issue, it's now." It will be an uphill battle, though, according to Sahola. "As a rule, the corporations jealously guard their autonomy nearly above all else."

Roilloten suggests that this may be a power play by the Directorate as well. "The Navy and the Directorate have been very close since the invasion of Caldari Prime," he pointed out. "However, the Directorate does not have strong support itself outside the patriot corporations, so this may be a way for them to secure more influence over military affairs in a roundabout way."