Minmatar Religious Leader: The Paths of Our Ancestors

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

Pator - Sebiestor religious leader Vuld Haupt issued a statement in the wake of the CreoDron expedition.

"We stand at a hopeful crossroad in human history. Stretching out before us for the first time in millenia are the paths of our ancestors," noted the Minmatar figure. "The time has come to cast aside our differences such that we, humanity's wayward brothers and sisters, may once again return home."

Haupt further stated that he would immediately organize an expedition into the wormholes, to be conducted in the next few days.

This statement drew criticism throughout New Eden and has already been compared to the disastrous expedition that set out in search of the "bright star" nearly a year ago. Severin Montfort, a researcher with Caille University, commented on the statement. "Important things are happening in our universe right now, and we need more than baseless religious speculation and half-baked, unprepared expeditions led into the unknown. Leave discovery to science."