Minmatar Converts Deeply Concerned by Jarek Killing, Political Rights Demanded

New Eden News | YC111-08-04

Pator - Minmatar converts to the Amarrian faith have become increasingly vocal about their fears and grievances in the days since the murder of Abel Jarek, leader of the Salvation Crusade, by unknown attackers in the religious township he established near ancestral Krusual lands on Matar. Following the killing, the Minmatar Republic has promised a swift investigation and asserted that "those responsible for the murder of Abel Jarek will be brought to justice."

However, sources within law enforcement agencies on Matar privately say that it is highly unlikely the perpetrators will ever be identified. Even though Chief Tenerhaddi Dykon has appealed to the Krusual clans of the Tronhadar region, his aides have signalled that he does not expect them to give up those responsible. Hardline Krusual clan leaders regard the late Abel Jarek as an 'outcast' and thus undeserving of the standards of Minmatar justice.

While members of the Salvation Crusade were highly-visible, the majority of Minmatar followers of the Amarrian religion have sought to remain unobtrusive and keep their faith a private matter. Abel Jarek was a controversial figure even among Minmatar converts, many believing him too confrontational in his approach, but his death serves as a vivid and disturbing reminder of the dangers they face for their beliefs. The concern felt by many converts has found expression in particular among those Nefantar and Starkmanir refugees who, despite all, hold to the Amarrian faith. Converts within those tribes are said by informed observers to be pressing their claims for representation and complicating the ongoing processes of selecting the Nefantar and Starkmanir chiefs.