Minmatar across EVE welcome "the start of the Revolution"

New Eden News | YC107-06-10

The streets and highways in Republic colonies are swiftly becoming a hotbed of anti-Amarrian sentiments, as decades of repressed rage are coming to the surface. Following the news regarding the slave revolts on Mabnen, and the joyous realization that a cure for the dreaded Vitoc treatment has finally been found and realized, many Minmatar free citizens have taken to the streets. On Pator, individuals are burning effigies of Amarrian slavers.

However, as the Minmatar people rejoice, their tribal leaders have reacted cautiously to the news. Maeletu Shakor has appeared in several locally broadcast reports, urging the populace to: "Be joyous and celebrate, but keep in mind that many of our people will suffer at the rash release of Insorum by the Blood Raiders. The uprisings will result in so many of our brothers and sisters being slaughtered at the hands of the slavers."

Several other public figures have made statements over the past hours, many of which rarely speak publicly. One of them is Tenerhaddi Dykon, Krusual tribal chieftain: "The Krusual understand the joy at this news. We are with the victims of the oppressive Amarrian beatdown of the Mabnen uprising. We've waited too long for this cure, and we urge the Blood Raiders to reconsider their decision of abusing this drug for their nefarious purposes. It's too important to waste on petty vengeance."

Sources within Parliament claim that PM Midular has been in constant contact with tribal representatives, republic diplomats and foreign emissaries since news of the rebellion on Mabnen arrived. She has given an official statement on the Mabnen revolt, roughly two hours ago: "Insorum presents our people with something we have lacked for too long, a cure for the cruel Vitoc treatment. It is a shame that the Blood Raider covenant chose the drug as a method of inciting terror in the Amarrian populace. We urge the Covenant to contact us, so we can work out a way to treat the people that are in need. We cannot allow a symbol of hope to become a symbol of terror.

Meanwhile, cries are heard from parties springing up across the Republic. “Minmatar everywhere; celebrate! Billions of our people now have a chance to live without the need to fuel their horrible addiction. They needn't fear the horrifying death any more. To those in the position to do so, help refugees to the best of your abilities."

Not surprisingly, nothing was said about the Amarr's reaction to the incidents on Mabnen. Undoubtedly, the Republic wants to wait and see what the future holds and if the Covenant makes good on its threats to further destabilize Amarrian slave facilities.