New Eden News | YC110-05-30

Illuin - A spokesman for Minmatar Republic Prime Minister Karin Midular firmly denounced any involvement with the mystery fleet which threatened CONCORD Bureau Station in Yulai. "The location of every ship in the Republic Fleet at the time of the armada's incursion has been accounted for," he announced. "Although those ships were clearly of Minmatar design, we just don't know who they are or what their intentions were."

When asked about Ambassador Keitan Yun's alleged involvement with the mysterious fleet, he stated only that such claims have "very serious implications for Mr. Yun which are yet to be verified", and that "under no conceivable circumstances would Premier Midular authorize or endorse any threat against CONCORD."

Karin Midular is facing increased scrutiny following a string of embarrassing incidents which have weakened her premiership, most recently the "annexation" of the Skarkon System by the Angel Cartel.