Midular responds to protestors as tribes convene in closed session

New Eden News | YC106-03-01

Yesterday afternoon dozens of starship pilots, many among them notable para-military resistance fighters, massed at the Sebiestor Tribe’s headquarters in the Eram system to protest the tribe’s highly-debated proposal that the Khumaak, a ceremonial weapon carrying significant symbolic value for the Minmatar people, be banned. Cargo containers, each containing a Khumaak, were arranged outside the station in a pattern forming the word “FREEDOM.” Para-military operative Wren, Oracle Corp Chief and one of the rally’s organizers, then delivered a speech on the importance of honoring the Minmatars’ history, after which the crowd gathered the Khumaaks from the floating containers, took them in hand and unanimously claimed a vote of no confidence in the current regime.

Earlier this afternoon Atbi Enonotur, Chief Coordinator of Public Relations for the Sebiestor, issued a statement on behalf of PM Karin Midular, head of the tribe, in response to yesterday’s rally. “The Sebiestor tribe regrets our fellow Minmatars’ lack of restraint in this matter, and wishes to let it be known that it has not, and will not, pander to the wishes of extremists who do not have the Republic’s best political interests at hand. Today is a time of diplomacy, and relics of a bloody past do nothing to help our relations with the other empires, relations which we have built through the hard work of communication and mutual understanding.”

Both the Krusual and Brutor Head Offices have remained quiet on the matter, but unofficial sources within the Brutor Head Office claim that Brutor tribal heads have, somewhat uncharacteristically, delegated their regular responsibilities to subordinates in favor of sitting in closed session. Their meeting has apparently lasted in excess of seven hours without a pause, prompting considerable anticipation for official comment. More news as it arrives.