New Eden News | YC110-06-04

Illuin - Minmatar Republic Prime Minister Karin Midular released a statement thanking Eifyr & Co. and the Sisters of EVE for "sharing this breathtaking discovery with the universe" and called for a "cooperative effort with the Amarr Empire to secure their prompt release." Her comments caused an immediate firestorm in the Republic Parliament, especially among the Brutors, who have long opposed Midular's "appeasement" foreign policy doctrine with the Amarr Empire.

The late timing of her statement, which comes after Chamberlain Karsoth's near-immediate offer of assistance, has infuriated members from all four main parties. Many believe that the Amarr Empire, which makes no secret about its reliance on Minmatar slave labor, would do little to assist Midular with any kind of recovery effort despite Chamberlain Karsoth's pledge to the contrary.

Meanwhile, representatives for the Ammatar Consulate continue to deny any advanced knowledge of the Starkmanir's survival prior to their discovery by the Sisters of EVE.