Mens Reppola Announces 5% Stake In Ishukone

New Eden News | YC111-04-23

Malkalen - Mens Reppola, speaking from Ishukone Watch headquarters in Malkalen shortly after trading closed, announced that he is now the owner of five percent of Ishukone shares. "I have taken this step because I believe, like my friend Otro Gariushi did, in putting my money where my mouth is," he told reporters. "I have spent my entire personal fortune, leveraged every ounce of my credit to invest in Ishukone; our employees deserve leaders who are as invested in the success of the company as they are." This stake makes Reppola one of the single largest non-institutional shareholders in the company.

When asked if this was an attempt to force the board's hand, Reppola responded: "This isn't some sort of cynical ploy. The political concerns here are secondary - this is a vote of confidence in Ishukone, in our employees and in our leadership. A message to our board that it is time to put this fear and uncertainty behind us and recapture our legacy of being the most forward-looking corporation in the Caldari State."

Reppola also dismissed worries that Natasha Ogemi's illness would delay the board's decision. "Ms. Ogemi and I were both friends of Otro Gariushi and I have known her for some time. I have a hard time believing that this will even slow her down, honestly."

Following his remarks, Reppola left for Ishukone headquarters, where he and Minedrill CEO Soisonen Okalala have been called to a meeting with the Ishukone board.