Mega-Corporations Announce Partnership with Caldari Providence Directorate

New Eden News | YC110-05-29

Lonetrek – The Sukuuvestaa, Nugoeihuvi, Wiyrkomi, Hyasyoda, CBD and Lai Dai mega-corporations today announced a breakthrough agreement with the newly formed Kaalakiota-Ytiri conglomerate. The new deal would give Tibus Heth’s Caldari Providence Directorate direct access to most of the Caldari State’s industrial base. While details remain sealed, mega-corporate executives have stressed that dire economic circumstances present a compelling need to align the State’s interests. "Tibus Heth and Otro Gariushi stood for the same ideals," stated Wiyrkomi CEO Kuruta Irio. "We have an obligation to restore pride to our workforce, and we will do so by placing the State’s needs before ourselves. There is ample opportunity for every Caldarian to thrive by coordinating our collective efforts, and we intend to pursue that ambition to its fullest capacity."

Financial markets had mixed reaction to the news. While Heth’s unifying appeal to nationalism appears politically motivated, there are considerable economic advantages to shifting mega-corporate relations from adversarial competitiveness to more of a strategic partnership. The potential benefits of this partnership are driving speculation in Caldari securities despite the racial tensions between the State and the Gallente Federation.

The Ishukone Corporation, still reeling from the Malkalen disaster, is the only mega-corporation that has not joined this partnership.