Masaki Takamatsu unveils prize for ‘film making’ exercise

New Eden News | YC107-04-15

After intense pressure from pod pilots interested in the rewards for the winner of the latest Takamatsu competition, the veil of secrecy surround the reward was finally lifted in a short but intriguing public statement.

Juzo Nidashi, a senior aid to the secretive Takamatsu trading Exchange CEO released a statement on his behalf on Galnet earlier, revealing the nature of the prize in the following release:

“In order to pay homage to those who strive to make their fortune in the face of great adversity, the Takamatsu Trading Exchange is pleased to offer one of her personal ships to help new entrepreneurs make their place in commerce.

Newly constructed and shipped with a batch of sister vessels to replace some of the more aging transport vessels in the fleet, a new Bustard Class Caldari transport ship will be presented to the winner. The vessel will be accompanied by three Local Hull conversion Expanded Cargo I units, in order to help maximise the ship’s starting potential.

Demonstrate your true potential, prove to be the victor and receive your prize. May the best film-maker win.


Masaki Takamatsu CEO, Takamatsu trading Exchange”

Only time will tell if there are any takers to the Takamatsu’s generous offer.