Many Starkmanir Refugees Finding New Life Difficult

New Eden News | YC111-10-20

Rens - The transition to life as free citizens is proving to be difficult for many Starkmanir, despite the success of some individuals. Many Starkmanir tribesmen have emigrated to Rens, hoping to take advantage of the system's booming economy. However, Starkmanir immigrants have since found themselves homeless or herded into refugee camps.

"We've seen an inordinate amount of refugees suffering from substance abuse problems or mental illness," said Alusane Irhi, one of the many Sisters of EVE workers helping at the refugee camps. "The shift from slavery to freedom is always difficult; we have not seen troubles on this scale since the Rebellion."

Some Starkmanir are even questioning the worth of their move to the Republic, especially in the wake of Empress Jamyl I's Emancipation Decree. "Nearly everyone who was left behind was freed by the Empress," said Uidvard Eiren, a leading voice among Rens' Starkmanir population. "Many Starkmanir here are even considering going back to the Mandate. At least in the Mandate, social structures were largely intact, but the pace of the migration here has destroyed much of that support network."

Eiren notes that there is a danger that the Republic's leaders must not ignore. "If the Republic does not allow the Starkmanir the same opportunities as the other tribes, it will make the sacrifice of those who died in the Elder War meaningless. That cannot be allowed to happen."