Mandate technician speaks of Jarizza assault

New Eden News | YC110-06-10

A maintenance technician who was present in the Jarizza system has delivered an eyewitness account to news networks of the situation unfolding in the system.

"I was doing some remote repairs on [the stargate] ... when I noticed a Cheetah covert-ops with military markings jump in. Naturally we report these things, just to be safe, y'know? I opened up comms ... then suddenly the gate just went into overdrive. Before I could get a word to local security there was this ... fleet around me and big swirling vortexes popping up everywhere. I just got the hell out of there. I tried scanning down the vessels from a safe distance and my systems just overloaded ... too many ships."

Reports continue to filter in of massive deployments of Minmatar vessels into Jarizza and ongoing military operations. Posted at 13:03 GMT