Man claims to be framed for murder - Mercantile Club involved in shady business?

New Eden News | YC107-03-10

The following report has been submitted by Silvia Frinor, of The Scope. Technical difficulties prohibit her from accessing her news facilities, we hope to solve these issues shortly.

In all my years of reporting I have never been privy to such a display of arrogant defiance as I saw last night in the Bereye system.

For the past few weeks now I have been following a man called Tinus Janatus, believing there was more to his story then met the eye.

Mr Janatus claims to have been framed by the Mercantile Club, for killing Gregory Malubrian nearly ten years previous. At first I was wary to believe him at all, but after tonight’s events, I am starting to think his story might hold water.

I recently asked Tinus to meet Mercantile Club on their own grounds. Reluctantly, he agreed. Several privateer vessels were asked to assist us and escort us to the Bereye system, where several transports were being escorted by the Mercantile Club. Tinus moved toward them and I publicly asked for information regarding the death of Gregory Malubrian and previous occasions where Raptor pilots threatened the life of Mr Janatus.

The Mercantile club refused to comment on these incidents. As our conversation was ending, two raptor pilots decloaked and took over the conversation that was going on in Bereye, moving towards Tinus as they did.

Amos Sommers, Gallent and keepiru were amongst the pilots who aided us by watching over Tinus whilst we spoke with the Mercantile Club escort. The idea to use private vessels for protection paid off and the Mercantile Club escort leaders and raptor pilots even though verbally hostile were not prepared to open fire on a group of individuals who had no affiliation to Mr Jantaus.

Just as the discussion I was having in local was coming to heated peak, Amos Sommers asked for Tinus to align for warp in case of weapons fire. Each of them pursued him to the chosen gate. I continued to speak with the other representatives, to no avail; they were not prepared to speak of the incident a few weeks earlier with Tinus being fired at, nor were they prepared to explain exactly why they had two raptor class ships following them. Maybe a paranoid escort team, watching for Tinus, I don’t know.

I consider this and past events surrounding the death of Gregory Malubrian, evidence of the Mercantile Club's hostility toward Tinus. His claims about being framed for his murder may well now be true. Time will tell, as I strive to continue this journey to Tinus, I till hope that we may yet come to the bottom of what really happened ten years ago.
Silvia Frinor reporting for The Scope