Malkalen Relief Efforts a Success

New Eden News | YC110-06-07

Malkalen relief efforts have finally concluded. All buy orders and contracts have been successfully filled. Donations have been distributed to needy families in the region.

Jeanna Kishuo, Ishukone’s relief organizer, made the following announcement shortly after the last order was fulfilled: “Ishukone Corporation would like to thank the generosity of the pod pilot community. In addition to the buy orders and contracts we established for the needed supplies, several capsuleers and corporations went a little further and made additional donations. To all of you; thank you for the time and effort you gave to help those in need.”

In addition to ad-hoc rescue efforts by scores of pod pilots, supplies were hauled in by volunteers.

Unelone, CEO of The Belgian Federation [.BE], stands out as one of the most prolific suppliers, fulfilling the vast majority of Oxygen buy orders at 95,299 units (out of 100,000 needed). He also fulfilled almost half of the orders for Water at 43,083 units: “I'm a Minmatar pod pilot who grew up in Caldari space. When I first read about the Malkalen incident I was in disbelief. Because my current Headquarters are located at a Ishukone Corporation Factory in Korama, I quickly jumped in my Mammoth and flew one jump to Malkalen. Already there were lots of pod pilots and it wasn't very clear if I could help somewhere. Off course I was listening to the news in my pod and when I heard of the disaster relief program I quickly looked at the latest market orders. The news told there were lots of needed items including antibiotics and hydrogen batteries. When I was on my way to get a first batch of antibiotics I screened the market orders further and I discovered the other needed items. I said to myself 'Unelone, more people will bring in the 2 items from the news, but you can make a difference by filling in for the other items which are also needed." So for more than 2 hours straight I was buying and shipping Oxygen, Water and Dairy Products through the Lonetrek region to Malkalen. Afterwards it was a good decision to ship the other needed items because in my goodwill I was set up by pod pilot Tricky for a whole cargo full of antibiotics. 11 million ISK down the drain for his low-priced market buy order disguised as an order from the relief program.” In the wake of recent events, Unelone said: "I don't feel safe in current Caldari space. I'm planning my return to the Minmatar regions. Even with all the recent riots in the Minmatar Republic, I know I will find a good place to live. I still have family in the Republic."

Ranking high among the list of suppliers of Hydrogen Batteries was Maru Sha, previously reported as a profiteer. Although she admits selling off a small portion of her stock to further her own profits and to “stay competitive”, that particular sell off to Ishukone was the largest single buy order of Hydrogen Batteries fulfilled at 1,700 units (out of 2,000 needed).

3ll3, CEO of Tranquillity Nation, bypassed the market system and made a direct donation of 100,000 units of Antibiotics and 6,000 Hydrogen Batteries. When asked what prompted his generosity; “Because I wanted to and felt it to be the right thing to do. I cannot bear to see the innocent suffering if there is something that I can do no matter how small or big to help.”

In addition to supplies, donations of ISK were also tendered. Jaron Molfett, CEO of Triwave donated 15 million ISK of his personal money to the relief; “When I heard about the disaster over the newsfeeds, I loaded the largest cargo ship I had at hand with hydrogen batteries and legged it, so to speak, for Malkalen. I offloaded my cargo, but soon realised that some profiteering [expletive] had intercepted it. While seething over this I also learned that the rescue operations were having trouble getting their hands on funds, due to no one with the proper authorisation being at hand. In my view, although the market may be good at making people rich, I've never seen it rescue someone's life. Best thing to do is to give the man on the spot the power to do his job. Money is power, which is why I chose to donate all the ISK I could spare at the time. My condolences go to the families who lost loved ones in this disaster, and hope that the efforts of the capsuleers may have saved some from that loss. As for the disaster [itself]... I wish I could reach into whatever afterlife there might be and wring Noir's neck....”

Audentia et Artis corporation donated 100 million isk to the relief. CEO Zubb Ionesco tells us “I came to Malkalen that day, because I had to pick up something I bought there. I was totally surprised and shocked when the station came in sight on the optical sensors! I immediately read the news and I was stunned. So many people dead, just because ONE guy [had] obviously gone insane!... Well, next I thought "how to help"? My cargo was made of minerals and such... not so helpful. So I donated money, hoping it came in good use.” As for recent troubling events in the news, Ionesco said “I feel as if everyone is suddenly going nuts! The leaders of nations talk about "patriotism". Well... that old admiral in the Nyx, I bet he pretended to be a BIG patriot, too.”