Local Media Interviews Seyllin Citizen

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

SEYLINN - Nicholas Sangue was a 32 year old ex-military security guard residing on Seyllin about 350km from Southern Cross, towards the daylight side. He was one of the lucky first few to make it aboard a dropship headed off planet. He shared his tale of a narrow escape and the ongoing rescue efforts on Seyllin I.

"I'd been asleep for about an hour. The first thing I remember was being woken by this heat, like the air was on fire. I couldn't breathe, I raised my hands in front of my eyes and saw my skin beginning to blister. That's when I knew it wasn't a heart attack. I knew it was something happening around me.

"I just remember getting up, and running like hell, straight down to my basement. I took some hazmat meds, got suited up, grabbed a flare, and I don't know how, but a dropship managed to find me out there eventually. I don't know how long I waited at the port. It was a wasteland, that's all I remember. Some entrances had just fused shut in the heat. Mine was okay even though everything looked burned. The heat coming off the ground was so strong, even through the portal walls and my own suit.

"We flew for a while looking for others, I think. I passed out, and the next thing I knew I was here on board this freighter. I think we were headed down towards Southern Cross, but I can't remember. I guess we filled up real fast and then got out."