Leaked DED Intelligence Memo Hints at Second Generation Combat Vessels

New Eden News | YC106-02-01

News agencies have been sent copies of a CONCORD Directive Enforcement Division intelligence memo by an anonymous source. The document details "hull-type nomenclature for recent emergent technology vessels." It appears to be a DED-internal communication regarding apparent code-words DED has implemented to refer to a class of new "light-strike combat craft" apparently in development by various and diverse firms.

The memo details four "hull-type designates" broken down by corporation of origin, with brief points listing their chief differences from traditional design and apparent technological advances. The memo apparently contains extensive engineering data, which is coded, but also contains uncoded descriptions and information on aspects of the manufacturing processes of the various "ETVs." The memo reads, in part:

"Malediction (Khanid Innovations, Executioner-class derivative). Typical of the ship design we're seeing from KIV; advanced shield generation coupled with potent electronics, probable implementation of Bashhamen findings. Design seems to sacrifice hard defenses in favor of soft capabilities.

Stiletto (Core Complexion Inc., Slasher-class derivative). Probable influence of Crielere project FE-442-1331 (DED designation) findings here; CCI has increased armor and electronics capabilities with this design at the cost of traditional Minmatar brute offense capabilities. Handler 144 has requested further info re: electronics schematics from operative.

Raptor (Lai Dai, Condor-class derivative). LDC may be benefiting from greater access to Crielere data. This design shows advances in numerous areas, making it more adaptable and flexible than traditional Caldari design. Perhaps weaker for task-specific application, but with significant advantages in operational versatility.

Ares (Roden Shipyards, Atron-class derivative). Obvious Minmatar design influence, possibly via Crielere project(s) KS-133-0951, KS-141-4832, or AV-211-6970 (DED designation(s)). Faster, more versatile hull design. Space usually devoted to drone implementation sacrificed here for greater post-build engineering flexibility and launcher mount hard points. 'Fast attack craft' profile similar to abandoned KS-133-0951 design."

Though much of the technical data apparently contained in the memo is coded, some specific detail about the construction process is revealed, including a "reliance on advanced technological components" presumably such as have recently been developed by Crielere Labs, and "utilization of the morphite mineral in key systems."

CONCORD and its DED subsidiary declined to comment officially on the leak, other than to say "it is being looked into." Sources inside CONCORD indicate the data contained in the memo appears genuine and "as correct as these sorts of things usually can be." Representatives for the firms named in the memo also declined comment, citing confidentiality agreements.