Latest Update On Scope Network Contractors Released This Afternoon!

New Eden News | YC118-08-05 - By Celene Duponte

YULAI - Interest has continued to peak in contracts issued against Serpentis assets offered through the Scope Network's brokering service as the Serpentis Corporation appears to be preparing for a withdrawal of forces from key strategic points across the cluster

The most committed ten contractors involved in the effort against the Serpentis Corporation will be rewarded with special capital ship blueprint copies at the conclusion of the campaign against the pirate menace. The announced reserve of five single-run Vendetta BPCs and five single-run Vanquisher BPCs will be awarded to those capsuleers that have earned the most points from Scope Network contracts as they aid the empires and fight against the Serpentis threat.

At this point in time, the current listing of top capsuleer contractors as of 118-08-05 is as follows:

Sansh Leko
Djaren Eldarwing
muravey Virpio
Breaking Fast
Vrael Zann
Zeraph Dregamon
Alen Asques