Last Tour - Kaisa Anneli To Leave Federation For Zero-Security Space

New Eden News | YC110-08-19

Luminaire – Veteran actress Kaisa Anneli, who announced last week that she is suffering from terminal illness, has decided to spend her final days outside the bounds of Empire controlled space.

"I have been blessed with good friends and great experiences," says a personal statement from the actress. "However, seeing as my time in the cluster is coming to a close – I've decided that I want to see things few others have seen. To that end I've used the remainder of my personal assets to retain the services of a capsuleer willing to fly into zero-security space and show me the sights."

"It is tremendously freeing in a way," the statement continues. "I know it's a dangerous thing I'm doing, but I only feel excitement and anticipation. I am content."

The name or affiliation of the capsuleer was not mentioned, and for security reasons Anneli's route and itinerary will remain undisclosed. It is anticipated that the actress will likely leave the Federation within a week or two, following a planned banquet being thrown in her honor by various friends and political affiliates.