Land Disputes on the Rise as Republic Immigrant Population Grows

New Eden News | YC111-02-24

Pator - Increasing numbers of land disputes are being registered as the Minmatar Republic immigrant population rises, confirmed Urban Management, the independent land and estates administration agency for the Republic, in a press statement today. Johanas Dhirakior, Urban Management's Planning Director on Matar, also admitted that disputes which normally would be settled with relative ease at the local level were increasingly being referred to the agency for arbitration.

Director Dhirakior was speaking at a press conference called following a recent leak of Urban Management statistics which showed a four-fold increase in land disputes over the last six months. Among the leaked figures is a table correlating the rise in the immigrant population with the rise in numbers of dispute cases and the time taken to settle them. Additionally, many of the disputes are between tribal clans and the Republic government, relating to both the government's 'transit camps' and the permanent resettlement of immigrants on 'unused land.'

The 'Elder Fleet' incursion into the Amarr Empire in June and the slave emancipation edict of Amarr Empress Jamyl I in December both led to significant increases in the number and size of the camps. Large numbers of former slaves have been arriving in the Republic since the middle of last year, with the rate of immigration yet to show signs of significantly slowing down. On many Minmatar planets large tracts of unused land nominally under tribal control have been utilised by the Minmatar government on the basis of 'national need.' This government action appears to have led to a flurry of claims requiring arbitration by Urban Management.

Director Dhirakior would not be drawn on the status of individual disputes, citing confidentiality and pointing out that the resolution of all disputes becomes a matter of public record once a decision has been taken.