Lai Dai Team Takes COLOSSUS Team Victory, Individual Prizes

New Eden News | YC107-02-01

It was Lai Dai time on all fronts last Sunday at the COLOSSUS championships as Team Lai Dai swept the tournament's final race, winning both the team contest as well as the individual 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Alia Ursul of Evolution came in first of all racers, making her the first known Rattlesnake owner in the pod pilot community. Deovina of Omega Enterprises came in second, winning a Navy-issued Caracal missile boat, and Feral of Drink Starsi took third place, earning himself the right to call a Navy Hookbill patrol craft his own. All three racers came in on behalf of the Lai Dai Corporation's team, which won the team victory as well as the individual battle, making every member of the team a proud owner of a Navy-issue Raven battleship.

Haalonen Ihoya, Chief Coordinator of Public Relations for Lai Dai, was quick to issue a release exclaiming Lai Dai's immense pride in its superb team of racers and congratulating them on the victory. According to the rules of the championship, the Lai Dai Corporation, being the winner, will receive a bonus from the Chief Executive Panel Treasury this year for promotional purposes, as well as receiving substantial grants towards research and development of new technologies. Ihoya was quoted as saying, "Our thanks go to our brave racers, who sped past all obstacles and never looked back. Their prizes were well-earned."

The marathon race began in the depths of the Fountain region, where immediately racers were set upon by a blockade from the notorious Evolution corporation, presumably out to help those of their members participating in the contest. The one-hundred-plus jump route then took racers through five waypoints across the entire northwestern face of the known universe. A fair few locations, such as a waypoint in the Cloud Ring region, played host to attackers hell-bent on destroying as many of their allies' competitors as possible. The race ended in the depths of the Branch region, where racers came through the finish line after a final sprint heavily camped by hostile forces.

The CBD, Hyasyoda, Ishukone, Kaalakiota, Nugoeihuvi, Sukuuvestaa and Wiyrkomi corporations have all issued releases extending their heartfelt thanks to the teams representing them in the contest.

The award ceremony will be held at the Lai Dai Corporation's Headquarters in Airkio this coming Friday.