Lai Dai, Others Announce Black Rise Plans

New Eden News | YC111-03-06

Following the recent move by Kaalakiota Corporation, other major players in the Caldari State have stated their plans for the expansion into the Black Rise region.

Yesterday Lai Dai Corporation announced that its board of directors will consider moving a number of facilities to Black Rise. In addition, the corporation said it will build two new planetside aluminum processing plants in an as-yet-undisclosed system in the region. "We are currently considering a number of systems close to our established production facilities in the Caldari space, and will make a formal announcement once this process is complete," added Maika Nuronen, the corporation's spokesperson.

Other Caldari corporations have also declared similar plans. According to a press statement, Wiyrkomi aims to establish several mining colonies in Black Rise over the next six months, creating as much as 60,000 new jobs. Another major player, Sukuuvestaa, had yet made no formal statement, but it is widely rumoured that the corporation will unveil a big initiative connected to Black Rise in the coming weeks.

Berrod Nakoinen, an analyst with Caldari Funds Unlimited, told us that "after Kaalakiota's announcement, other megacorporations were bound to follow suit. Previously, however, most development in the region was restricted to the three patriot-bloc corporations: Kaalakiota, Lai Dai, and Wiyrkomi. The funds available from the CAESA and recent gains by the militia provide an opportunity for other corporations to begin to move into the area for the first time."