Lack of concrete results “a nightmare for the markets”, SuVee claims

New Eden News | YC107-07-16

LONETREK. Despite recent news about a major leap forward in the ongoing investigation, current downward market trends are “not due to [Amarrian Emperor Doriam II] assassination itself, but to CONCORD’s inefficiency at showing results”, says SuVee CFO. “CONCORD announcing ‘major leaps’ while producing no concrete results and thus preventing [the Amarrian acting regent] Chamberlain Karsoth taking actions concerning the selection of the next Emperor is become a nightmare for the markets”, claims a memo from Sukuuvestaa Corporation Financial CFO Sirotova Uesi, made public today by Suvee executives. According to Uesi “SCC data shows that after the assassination [of Emperor Doriam II] the Combined Empires Market Index dropped by 11,5%. Nothing that cannot be corrected by authorities showing a firm grasp of the situation, yet in the present case lack of results has driven the CEMIx further down by an extra 3,44% this week, and every analysis forecasts further reductions until consumer confidence in restored.” In contrast, “after the death of [previous Amarrian Emperor] Heideran VII we saw the CEMIx shrinking by 8,73%, yet as soon as details of the Championship plans were leaked ten days later it crawled up 2,46%, grew another 5,85% when the Championship was officially announced and received a final boost of 7,38% as Doriam II was crowned, thus resulting in a net growth of over 6% with all fluctuations considered.” “The CEMIx followed a similar trend after Mabnen: down 6,32% after the attack, yet up 2,73% following the Amarrian Navy being ordered into action and 4,93% after the Covenant was evicted, for a net growth of almost 1% all fluctuations considered.” As reported earlier, CONCORD officials have refused to release any public information concerning the advance of the investigation. When confronted with mounting critics about CONCORD’s performance and its economical repercussions, DED Intelligence Chief Operative Banniskore Zabulugi answered: “We investigate crimes here. We don’t do market research.” --- EDIT NOTES: -If there are too many numbers and/or note is too long, feel free to eliminate paragraphs #4 and #5, they add flavor but the article is readable without them. -Not sure why the Chancelor has not made the information with the CONCORD meeting public… since this is SuVee (Caldari "practicals"), I decided to make them put the bad light on CONCORD only while letting the Chamberlain off the hook (their lack of results “thus prevents” the Chamberlain from acting). If PF is against this then the Chamberlain part can be eliminated from the phrase.