Kor-Azor to nominate new Chamberlain

New Eden News | YC110-06-15

Kor-Azor Prime - Sources close to the Kador family have revealed that, as his first official act since his recent encounter with one of the Speakers of Truths, Articio Kor-Azor is to nominate an interim Court Chamberlain in the next few days. His choice will reportedly have the blessing of the other Heirs and the Theology Council.

As general coordinator of the Imperial Succession the Chamberlain's role is a pivotal one, and with former Chamberlain Karsoth no longer present the selection of a replacement is a key step in the coronation of a new Emperor. Our Kador contact intimated that the debate over the correct protocol for appointing a Chamberlain in the absence of an Emperor was a protracted and acrimonious one. The arguments leaning heavily on the traditional appointment of the Chamberlain by the Emperor, and Articio's status as heir of the last Imperial family, finally convinced those advocating devolving the responsibility to the Theology Council to acquiesce.

It has been suggested that this appointment, in enabling the Succession to proceed, will allow the reign of Doriam II to finally come to a close. The new Emperor traditionally apppoints their own Chamberlain shortly after the coronation, at which point the last vestiges of Doriam's reign will be laid to rest.