King Khanid II departs Tash-Murkon Prime, arrives in Amarr

New Eden News | YC111-06-01

Amarr - Following several days of closed door meetings with Lady Catiz Tash-Murkon, King Khanid II departed Tash-Murkon Prime along with the Khanid Royal 1st Fleet early this morning. The 1st Fleet immediately traveled the short distance to the Amarr system, where it proceeded to Amarr Prime.

After roughly three hours of maintaining an orbit around the planet, several atmospheric transports were observed departing the flagship of King Khanid II and descending to the planet below. The transports landed in the Imperial city of Dam-Torsad a short time later.

According to reports, the Khanid delegation is awaiting the arrival of an Imperial party before it disembarks.