Kidnapped Nakugard Bombings Suspect Found Dead on Krusual Station

New Eden News | YC110-05-13

Nakugard – Kammas Grayli, the prime suspect for the Krusual arms factory bombings in Nakugard has been found dead in what investigators are describing as a 'gruesome murder scene'. Grayli was being held by Republic Customs in connection with the Krusual arms complex bombings in Nakugard when he was seized by masked paramilitaries. Despite suggestions that the Krusual Tribe may have been involved in the kidnap of Grayli, no concrete evidence has been uncovered. Krusual sources have vehemently denied the involvement of any tribal authorities in the raid on the Customs Service compound.

However, the discovery of Grayli's body in a rubbish disposal plant aboard the Krusual Tribe Bureau station orbiting Moon 12 of Nakugard V has reinforced the views of those who believe that the tribe was in some way connected with the kidnap and, now, the killing of Grayli. Others have pointed out that three of the four stations in the Nakugard system are Krusual Tribe installations and the discovery of the body aboard one of them is hardly significant.

Jomain Ariakor, spokesman for the Republic Justice Department, remarked, "It should surprise no-one that Grayli has been discovered dead, murdered in fact, after the talk of vengeance and tribal justice we have heard from the Krusual Tribe. It should also be no surprise that his body has been discovered in an area of a Krusual-operated station that one would have thought would be accessible by relatively few people."

Ariakor went on to give details of the murder, "What does surprise, no shock, is the grotesque manner in which this man was murdered. While it may disturb many, I feel I must reveal that Grayli was garroted after being bound and beaten. The body had a number of outcast tattoos carved into it, indicating this was a ritual vengeance killing. This disgusting murder was no semblance of justice. It was, quite simply, a vile act of hateful revenge. Moreover, the man may well have been innocent of the Nakugard bombings. Without the opportunity of a just trial, we shall never know for sure."

Speaking in his own capacity, Tobias Efrit, the noted Krusual parliamentarian, said, "It really makes me laugh when petty officials such as Ariakor try to divine some great significance from the discovery of a body in one of dozens of rubbish disposal sections aboard one of three stations owned by the Krusual Tribe in Nakugard. I find it ludicrous that this Sebiestor talking-head continues to imply criminal acts on the part of our great tribe when it is clear that some over-zealous individuals have taken the law into their own hands here. I will agree that it is not for us to judge the justice of this outcome. However, I am confident that the Krusual Tribe will have justice for the vile murder of almost a hundred of our kin, if it is not the case that we have already."

With the death of Grayli, it is uncertain in what direction the investigation into the sabotage of the Krusual arms factories will now go. Privately, the investigation team believes they had the right man or at least that Grayli had key information necessary to progress the case. The Ammatar connection remains in the minds of many and these events will no doubt add to tensions along the disputed border.