Khumaak debate reaches feverous levels – massive rally planned

New Eden News | YC106-02-28

Still the Minmatar Republic debates with itself on whether or not to ban the Khumaak, an ornamental weapon traditionally carried in ceremonial circumstances by high-ranking fleet and military officers. The Tribal Council is still no closer to reaching a resolution, both Sebiestor and Krusual tribe leaders having exchanged harsh words throughout the week in a series of hard-fought debates.

Meanwhile the Republic’s cities are alive with protests and demonstrations, and violence is reported to have broken out at various locations. Yesterday the Republic Security Services defused an explosive charge thad had been hidden in the Sebiestor Tribe’s regional headquarters in Houdea, a charge which, if detonated, would have destroyed the entire building and surrounding environs. Various Minmatar extremist factions are now under heavy investigation, and some regions have seen frequent skirmishes between law enforcement officials and extremist guerillas.

A massive rally will reportedly be held at an undisclosed location at 1700 EVE Standard Time today, where Minmatar pilots of all stripes will gather in protest of the Sebiestor tribe’s motion. One of the rally’s organizers earlier this week issued a release stating that the pilots present would “demand answers to the current policies and trends coming from the Sebiestor Tribe Council.” Going on to address Sebiestor tribal head Karin Midular, he then added “Illuminate us, your people, on your motives, or reap the darkness that you sow.”