Khanid refute CONCORD claims

New Eden News | YC107-08-12

Yesterday saw the unexpected and illegal publication of a CONCORD memo, detailing DED plans to infiltrate the Royal Khanid Navy to find evidence to support their claim that a Khanid navyman was responsible for the death of Doriam II, Emperor of Amarr.

Following this outrageous leak, the Royal Khanid Navy held a press conference from its headquarters at Kihtaled. Commander Abrikoum Aman of Internal Security stated:

“The news of Emperor Doriam II struck the Khanid Kingdom as hard as the Empire. The notion that a soldier serving in the Royal Navy was responsible for the unfortunate death of Emperor Doriam II is preposterous. Until now, no evidence has been provided, nor by CONCORD, nor by the Empire itself, at our request. We have exploited our diplomatic channels to either extensively. Until now, nothing has been forthcoming”

Following this statement, the Commander went on to say:

“Not only do the appointed officials refuse to offer comments on this supposed assassin within the ranks of our Navy, the memo’s most disturbing passage, that a deep-cover operative is being inserted into the Navy, leads us to believe that CONCORD is striving to provide the public with a scapegoat, to cover it’s inefficient hunt for Emperor Doriam II’s true assassin.

We urge CONCORD to reconsider their plan. This does not serve the greater good, this does not serve the balance the institution was created to keep.”

Although CONCORD has yet to respond to this, armchair politicians’ columns all over the FTL net are rife with speculations following Commander Aman’s veiled insults. Most seem to agree that the accusation of regicide is a serious one, and that CONCORD or the Amarr Empire had better release a statement soon, lest the Khanid take more aggressive steps to route out infiltrators.