Khanid Kingdom stands down Navy, Mordu follows suit

New Eden News | YC110-06-11

Khanid Prime - Following the withdrawal of the Elder taskforce to Minmatar space and the reactivation of CONCORD responses across the cluster, the Khanid Navy has stood down from its full alert status. A large amount of naval forces have withdrawn to their normal patrol routes away from the Empire-Kingdom border. The Royal Khanid Navy remains on tactical alert, ready to respond in the event other unexpected circumstances come to light. However, the Navy has stepped down from full alert.

An address from Khanid II has helped to calm fears among the Khanid populace. No Minmatar incursion into Khanid space has been reported and holders report that their slave populations are still under full control.

Minutes later, a statement from Mordu's Legion Command announced that they too were returning to base, and underlined the fact that they had not at any point been involved in hostilities beyond a few small skirmishes with Guristas vessels.