Karin Midular to be lain in repose

New Eden News | YC115-06-01

PATOR - The Sebiestor Tribe has announced that slain Tribal Chief and former Prime Minister Karin Midular will lie in repose at the Great Caravanserai on Matar for the month of June. The Ray of Matar's body will rest in the central lobby on a catafalque specially crafted by Sebiestor Tribe shamans and artisans under the direction of the tribe's spiritual leader, Vuld Haupt.

According to a press release issued by the Tribal Assembly, viewing times will be between 06:00 and 22:00 every day. Viewers will be allowed one minute to pay their last respects before being ushered to a memorial book they may sign. Despite this, wait times are expected to be long and accommodations have been prepared in the courtyard for mourners wishing to camp out overnight. For security reasons, attendants will be required to pass through a scanning field before entering the Caravanserai. Viewers are asked not to place anything on the catafalque, primarily because Sebiestor ritual adornments will be arranged around it, but a place for offerings will also be set aside in the courtyard.

Egonics, Inc. will be offering a holostream and digital memorial book for those who will be unable to attend in person.

In related news, the Sebiestor Tribe has finished initial preparations for the selection of the next tribal chief. The elders of each clan have gathered to begin the nomination process, which is expected to last several weeks as the pool of is narrowed down. In the meantime, Vuld Haupt is performing any necessary ceremonial duties normally undertaken by the tribal chief. The political leadership of the tribe remains in the hands of the Sebiestor council of clans pending selection of a new chief.